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The anti-smoking method-Biophilia Intruder

Author:Admin  UpdateTime:2022-04-13

Tobacco addiction and addictions as such are a scourge of the modern world. Smoking is known to increase all sorts of health risks such as oncology, heart disease and chronic disturbances of the respiratory system, to name just the main ones.

While mankind has long been aware of the above risks, quitting smoking becomes a great challenge for people due to a) the addiction to necotine that forms at the chemical level b) the addiction that forms at the brain level and c) social dependence. Due to the 3 main factors above, many smokers fail in their attempts to get rid of this addiction.

With Biophilia Intruder technology, we offer an alternative “detox+compensation” method that acts at the cellular and tissue level.

This anti-addiction method affects 3 areas:
Eliminate toxins from the organs
Neutralize the influence of necotine
Proving relief for the nervous system
The quit smoking procedure includes the following ingredients:
Reading the characteristics of necotine
Creation of the anti-necotine preparation
Creation of the necotine compensatory preparation
Elimination of toxins by BRT (bioresonance technology)
Functional support for the respiratory system via FC (frequency offsets)
Sedation for the nervous system
Work with clients includes:
The educational module
Understand the nature of the problem (most smokers don't realize this)
Set the right goal (quitting smoking is not an effective motivation)
Set the right living environment (this can make or break your success)
Follow the realistic plan (discipline is the key to success at the very beginning)
Tools and methodology with Biophilia Intruder 
Disclaimer: The producer of Biophilia Intruder makes no promises about your smoking cessation work. This method has had 60-75% success rates with our experienced practitioners.

Your personal effectiveness, as with any other healing, will depend on factors such as the level of the client's problem, the level of the client's discipline, and your skill.

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