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Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer vitamin E analysis report

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2015-01-23

You know vitamin plays very important role in our body,there are many different vitamins.Do you know the vitamin E function?If you want to know that well in your body,then you can have a quantum resonance magnetic analyzer for knowing.
Vitamin E basic function is to protect the cell the internal structure of the complete, can overhead system cells and on the cell membrane lipid oxidation, to protect cells against free radical damage. Resist oxidation, prevent aging, hairdressing action.
Reference standards: - normal + mild anomaly + + 3 moderately abnormal + + + severe anomaly
Vitamin E: 4.826-6.013 (-) 4.213-4.826 (+) 3.379-4.213 (+ +) < 3.379 (+ + +)

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