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Difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation quantum analyzer

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2014-11-12
Based on  the 2nd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer we have upgraded software and hardware to 3rd.
1).2nd test reports 24 health condition;3rd 39.
2).2nd use the old circuit board,slow test speed ; 3rd panel use "dual-core"processor,more faster speed,more accurate data.
3).3rd updated software interface, richer sense of science and technology, more easy to operation.
4).3rd increased the "comparative analysis" report, the results can be compared clearly.the 2nd not this function.
5).3rd new test interface instructions are more clearly ,scientific and precise.
6).3rd add the inspection reports for Coenzyme , Allergy ,Heavy metal,Vitamin, Large intestine, Bone growth index and so on for Original Basis.(can test the children), 2nd can't test children.
7).3rd rewrite internal data to judge center,and the accuracy of that report increased by more than 10%.
8).3rd improve the showing way of renal report, more convenient understanding for customers, it also improves the accuracy at the same time.
9).3rd you can control the parameters and reference standards in the report for free,and more convenient and personalized.
10).3rd can be save all reports by one time, and Comprehensive report will also be saved with a document.
11).3rd can be upgrade software free forever.(in our website you can download)
Our advantage:
1.Original software(Computer software copyright).
2.OEM Accepted.
3.In stock.
4.Professional after-sale service.
5.Latest 3rd generation.
6.Different language version.
7.Free upgrade software forever.
8.EXW price(Manufacturers).
9.CE Cetificate.
10.Have trademark copyright.
11.3 years' warranty.
12.Support operating system:win2k/xp/2003/vista/win7(32bits and 64 bits)/win 8(32bits and 64bits) etc.
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