The first brand manufacturers of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.

How to order?

1.Pls tell me your name,email, address, Tel,interested item,order quantity.
2.I will check the products price &shipment cost for you.
3.You confirm all of the order informaton then can pay.
4.We accept Western Union,Money Gram,T/T,Moneybookers,PayPal,Alibaba payment.
5.Inform us delivery the merchandise After you paying.
6.Western union remittance method:
  1), Fill in western union form(take the bank information i send you on the PI).
  2), Hand form, identity document, remittance and wiring fee to the workers.
  3), Keep remittance receipt and remittance control number.
  4), Inform the payee remittance amount and monitoring number(Email me).
7.Western union agent locator:http://www.westernunion.com/
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