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Question1- when using quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2014-11-10

After purchasing Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer,Some customers have this problem, can not find your encryption lock ,pls insert into.... , when they install the software into computer, want to start test....but it will show out one sentence"can not find your encryption lock,pls insert into"Look,generally this situation happen,it have three reasons lead to:
   1.You don't insert the encryption lock into your computer before you open the software,at this moment,
just need insert encryption lock into computer then it can normally work.
   2.You purchase the fake quantum analyzer , boz the fake analyzer software is not compatible many
computer syastem,so it also will show out this word,when you choose this kinds products, must be care.
   3.You buy the fake analyzer, some day, they usbkey and software are lost,you must be looking the software
here and there,so if you are lucky find a original software,but, unfortunately,the fake analyzer can't support
original software, so ,it also will show out this word,can't work.

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