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Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer vitamin K analysis report

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2015-01-25

Do you know well Vitamin K?Do you know its function?Yeah,we need to knoe that well,since it's really important for us all.So to know vitamin k in our body well,we can have a quantum magnetic analyzer for test that.Vitamin K can promote blood clotting properly and bone growth important vitamins.Vitamin K is four kind of clotting protein (prothrombin, change accelerating factor, resisting hemophilia factor and Stuart factor) in the liver synthetic indispensable material.The human body vitamin K's requirement is very little, but it is maintaining normal function of blood coagulation, reduce physiological period bleeding, still can prevent hemorrhage and hemorrhoids. Often flow nosebleed, should be more from natural food intake of vitamin K.
Reference standards: - normal + mild anomaly + + 3 moderately abnormal + + + severe anomaly
Vitamin K: 0.717-1.486 (-) 0.541-0.717 (+) 0.438-0.541 (+ +) < 0.438 (+ + +)

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