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Biophilia Tracker X3 Diagnostics Bioresonance

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As we all know, The Biophlia Tracker X3 Bioresonance Diagnostics are more and more popular in nowadays.
Medical-philosophical postulate regarding the healing of diseased and not disease, is known for a very long time yet modern therapy is mostly focused on disease and on suppression of symptoms. Efforts regarding dealing with this fact are underway.
In years 1940 – 1945 under the supervision of Prof. Harold S. Burr of medical faculty of Yale university, was established a research program which included many biologists and scientists from other universities. Conclusion of this research can be summarized in following sentences: “All living organisms have electric fields and as a result they also have magnetic fields. These fields disappear after death of organism.”
Electromagnetic interactions have fundamental meaning in organization, structure and functionality of living systems in a healthy state as well as in the case of disease. Within the cells, as well as in between the cells there is a constant exchange of information through electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic oscillations – these are the most important forces in nature. They control metabolism, growth, distribution of hormones, sensation of pain and all physical manifestations of life. Connecting forces within the molecule – these are magnetic forces. Molecules are not interconnected physically but through means of electromagnetic interaction.
Human being – complex electromagnetic system, mutually interacting with surroundings in various scales of frequencies. We can divide them into basic frequencies, supporting frequencies and frequencies of energy-information exchange between the cells.
Frequencies of energy-information exchange between cells is 40-70 GHz (which equals to 40-70 billions frequencies in second). This is the most important scale of frequencies for human. Basic frequency – 7,8 and 14,1 Hz – these are alfa frequencies – and beta – rhythms of brain. It is actually related to fluctuations of Earth’s magnetic fields.
This way has the nature protected human, during the process of evolution: human biorhythms, similarly to tuning fork as if they co-resonate with Earth’s electromagnetic field and synchronize. So reasonable use of Biophilia Tracker X3 equipment can help us better understand the development of the body.
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