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quantum resonance magnetic analyzer gynecology test learnning data 2

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2015-08-25

Today,we bring you the other data of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer gynecology test ,hope this can help you all this well .

8.uterine fibroids coefficient
This coefficient said if there is the possibility of patients with uterine fibroids.

9.salpingitis coefficient
The index representation happen oviduct inflammatory probability size.

10.pelvic inflammation coefficient
This index is used to reaction women with pelvic inflammation probability size.

11.appendagitis coefficient
This coefficient said with the possibility of annex inflammation.

12.cervicitis coefficient
The index said with cervicitis probability size.

13.Cervical polyp coefficient
Cervical interest is a common chronic cervicitis gynecological a clinical representation.
14ˇ˘Cervical nessler's cyst
Cervical nessler's cyst is chronic cervicitis one kind, is a common gynecological inflammation.

Urethritis is a kind of common disease, see more at women, clinical acute or chronic, nonspecific urethritis and gonococcus sex urethritis, hind two kinds of similar clinical manifestations, must according to the history and bacteriology inspection to identify.

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