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quantum resonance magnetic analyzer test gynecological learnning data 1

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2015-08-24

Dear my friends,gynecological is really one important of our body.Today we bring you our learnning data 1 of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer test gynecological.

1.the female hormone
The index characterization of female hormone levels in women how many.

The index representation in women gonadotropin levels of many.

The index representation body prolactin levels of many.
4. progesterone
The index said the body how much progesterone levels.

5.progestational hormone
Progestational hormone index representation progestational hormone content number.

6. vaginitis coefficient
The factor used to show that it is easier to happen the probability of vaginitis.

7.ovarian cyst coefficient
The factor used to say it is easier to have to ovarian cyst.

If you want to know more other index of it,then pls wait for quantum magnetic  resonance analyzer gynecological  test.


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