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quantum resonance magnetic analyzer mucosal immune index test sample report

Author:QRMA  UpdateTime:2015-08-23

After testing with quantum resonance magnetic analyzer, you'll get more thant 30 different reports,the mucosal immune system is one of the reports in the immune system reports.Mucosal immune system is a relatively independent immune system, and also closely connected with systemic immune system of the system. Mucosal immunity is often made up of two big functions: immune induction part and immune effect. Lymphoid cells in the body immune system and mucosal immune system in constant transfer between two big functions, at the same time accompanied by different ation of mature lymphocytes itself.

Reference standard: - normal + mild abnormal moderately abnormal + + + + + severely abnormal
Mucosal immune index: 4.111-18.741(-) 2.647-4.111 (+) 1.138-2.647 (+ +) < 1.138 (+ + +)


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